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Foundation 22.1

When viewing a document in the OLE document viewer, the notes on the document are listed in the Notes pane of the viewer. The OLE document viewer is used to display OLE documents such as Microsoft Office documents and PDF documents (depending on your configuration).

The Notes pane displays all of the notes on the document, and each note's color is displayed next to the name of the Note Type. The total number of notes is also displayed in the heading of the pane.


The Notes pane only allows you to view the notes on the OLE document. To add, edit, or delete notes, you must use the Notes dialog box by clicking Edit on a note in the Notes pane, or clicking the Note(s) section of the status bar. For more information on using the Notes dialog box, see Notes Dialog Box.

The following functions are available in the Notes pane of the Document Viewer:

  • To expand a note and view its contents, click the note in the Notes pane. Click the heading of the note again to collapse the note.

  • To view additional information on a note, expand it and then click More. The note's icon, creation date and time, and creator's user name are displayed.

  • To edit a note, expand the note and click Edit. The Notes dialog box is displayed, which allows you to edit the note.

  • To add a new note, click the Add Note button at the top of the Notes pane. The Notes dialog box is displayed, which allows you to create a new note.

  • To expand all notes, click the Expand All button at the top of the Notes pane. Click the button again to collapse all notes.

  • To filter the list of notes, click the filter button at the top of the Notes pane and enter search terms into the Note Text field. The list is filtered to display only the notes that contain matching text. Click the red X to remove the filter.

  • To hide the Notes pane, click the handle next to the pane.

    Click the handle again to expand the Notes pane.

  • If any notes have specific positions on a PDF document, the Notes pane contains a notice explaining that the document viewer cannot display the position of these notes on the PDF. To display the positions of notes and note icons on a PDF document, use the Web Client PDF viewer instead of the web browser's PDF viewer. See your system administrator for more information.