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Foundation 22.1

Some Keyword Type fields have drop-down lists from which you can select Keyword Values. Select a Keyword Value from a drop-down list using any of the following methods:

  • Click the drop-down button and scroll to the value you want to select.

  • Place the cursor in the Keyword Type fields with the drop-down and press F5 or the drop-down button to display available Keyword Values. Select a Keyword Value.

  • Filter values available from the drop-down list by entering a word and/or character(s) that are part of the Keyword Value. When you press F5 or the drop-down button, the list displays only values that match the entered characters. Scroll to your selection.


The F5 function is only available for Keyword Types that are configured to use a drop-down menu.

If two or more consecutive Keyword Types contain drop-down lists and are ordered in such a way as to show a hierarchical parent/child relationship, the Keyword Types may be part of a Cascading Data Set. Selecting a Keyword Value from the parent drop-down list filters the available Keyword Values from the subsequent child drop-down list. To show all of the available values in a Cascading Data Set, hold the Ctrl key and click the drop-down arrow.