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Document Retention

Document Retention
Foundation 23.1

Document Retention Processors define how documents are removed or prepared for removal from OnBase. Processors are configured in the Configuration module, and then appear in the Client module, in the Document Retention Processor Queue window, with the same process format name. Running the processor in the Client module initiates the removal of the indicated documents.

The Document Retention Processor can be defined to handle data in either of two modes:

  • Evaluation

  • Purging

An Evaluation type processor can only be used to process Document Types that have been defined as a Dynamic retention type. This type of processor applies specific user-defined actions to the documents before they are ready for removal. (Processing Options include transitioning the documents to a Workflow queue, processing by a specific VB script or external processor before it is eligible for destruction.)

If the processor is defined as a Purging process type, any Static retention type documents that meet the time-based criteria defined at the document type or document type group level, or any Dynamic retention type documents that have been evaluated and meet the time-based criteria defined at the Document Type or Document Type group level are purged.