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Document Retention

Document Retention
Foundation 23.1

The following pertains to using the UpdateProcessWithTime function, which can be used by VBScripts or DLLs to execute Document Retention actions on documents.


The legacy version of this function is UpdateProcess. It is recommended you use the UpdateProcessWithTime function, as the UpdateProcess does not allow for a document to be retained for a customized period of time after its expiration date (i.e., it can only retain the document for another retention period).

In a VBScript, use the function UpdateProcessWithTime().

In a DLL, export the function int UpdateProcessWithTime(long itemnum), where itemnum is the system ID (Document Handle) of the document that is being evaluated.


If your database uses 64-bit integer fields, export int UpdateProcessWithTime64 (long long itemnum) instead.

The following results determine the action taken on the document. When using a VBScript, assign the result to the ExecutionStatus of the application object. When using a DLL, the result is the return value of the function.



= -1

Marks the item to be purged.

= 0

Increases the expiration date by the configured retention period.

> 0

Any number greater than 0 increases the expiration date to that number of days. For example, if the number is 100, the expiration date is increased by 100 days.

< -1

Any number less than -1 leaves the status of the document unchanged.


VBScripts and custom DLLs require the OnBase SDK. To obtain the SDK and instructions on its use, contact your first line of support.