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Document Retention

Document Retention
Foundation 23.1

The following User Group product rights can be assigned to enable Document Retention functionality:

  • Document Retention Manager- Enables the Document Retention Re-Index and Delete right-click menu options from the Document Search Results list or open document in the OnBase Client and Web Client, provided the user also has rights to re-index and delete standard documents, respectively. These options allow users to delete or fully re-index documents associated with a Document Retention process. In the Unity Client, users with this privilege can fully re-index documents using the normal Re-Index option.

    Users without this privilege are not able to manually change the Document Type of a document belonging to a Document Type configured for retention.


    Users without the Document Retention Manager product right are able to fully re-index documents, including change the Document Type, in the Document Imaging interface.

  • Document Retention- Enables the configuration and processing of Document Retention Processor formats by allowing the user to access Admin | Document Retention in the OnBase Client.