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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Once a package request has been configured it has to be published to the sites that will send you the documents and/or metadata that you need. The sending site then subscribes to the package request and sends packages that match the description to you as either ad hoc or scheduled processes.

To publish a package request for sending site to subscribe to:

  1. Log in to the Configuration module with a user that has sufficient configuration rights.
  2. From the Document menu, select Package Transfer | Import Packages. The Package Configuration dialog is displayed.
  3. Select from the Package list the package request to publish to the sites that will send you the documents and/or metadata.
  4. Right click the package and select Copy Package ID to copy the unique ID of the package to the clipboard.
    This value is required to publish the package request and allow other sites, that contain the documents you want to replicate, to subscribe to it and send you the documents based on the configuration of the package.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Send an e-mail to the sending site that contains the following required information:
    • The URL or IP Address and Port for your site. This must match the values you configured for your Site Information (see Updating Site Information).

    • The unique package ID you copied from the Package list in the Package Configuration dialog.

    • A brief description of the documents and/or metadata you want to be sent.

    • A clear explanation of any Keyword Types that should be mapped by the sending site to static values, and what values you would like them mapped to (see, for example, Workflow).

    • Your contact information, especially if it is different from the information configured under your Site Information (see Updating Site Information).

The sending site must then subscribe to your package request by configuring an Export Package that matches the configured requirements of your request.


Packages are received using the OnBase Client, unless the Document Transfer process is scheduled (see Scheduling a Package Transmission Process). See the Usage chapter of this manual for receiving packages using the OnBase Client.