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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

To change the configuration of an existing package:

  1. From the Document menu of the OnBase Configuration module, select Package Transfer | Import Packages. The Package Configuration dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the package to update in the Package list.

    To show deactivated packages in the Package Configuration dialog box, right click anywhere in the dialog box and select Show Deactivated Packages from the right-click menu. An X is displayed in the Inactive column for deactivated packages. To hide deactivated packages, right click and select Hide Deactivated Packages.

  3. Click a button to update different aspects of the package:




    Opens the Package Settings dialog, which allows you to configure the package for Document metadata only(see Configuring an Import Package (Receiving Site)).


    Opens the Package Document Type Selection dialog, which allows you to configure the Document Types you want included in the package.

    From this dialog you can also access the Document Type Keyword Selection dialog, which allows you to configure the Keyword Types you want included for the selected Document Type.

    See Configuring an Import Package (Receiving Site).


    Opens the Package History dialog, which allows you to view the previous versions of the package request. See Managing Package Configuration History and Supported Versions.


    Opens the Sites dialog, which lists the sites that are sending packages based on the selected package request. See Managing Sending Sites (Sites Subscribed to the Package Request).


    Opens the Package Auto-Name dialog, which allows you to configure the autoname string for packages received.

    Deactivate / Activate

    Click Deactiviate to suspend the selected package from the Document Transfer process. Deactivated packages are not updated during subsequent Document Transfer processes. An X is displayed in the Inactive column for deactivated packages.

    To reactivate an inactive package, select it and click Activate.

  4. Click Update when the reconfigured package request is ready.
  5. Click Close.

    Changes to your package request require sending sites to resubscribe to the package request by selecting the package and clicking Re-Subscribe in the Export Packages dialog box.