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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

The Document Transfer process can only be scheduled by the receiving site. By creating a Package Transmission schedule, the receiving site begins receiving available packages from the sending site at a set time.

A Schedule Update can also be configured by the receiving site to update the Hyland Document Transfer Service Broker when a Package Transmission schedule is created or updated, to prevent the service having to be manually restarted in order to adopt new or updated Package Transmission schedules.


Packages that have scheduled Package Transmission times can still be retrieved on an ad hoc basis. See the Usage chapter of this manual for initiating Ad Hoc Package Retrievals using the OnBase Client.

To schedule a Schedule Update or Package Transmission:

  1. Log in to the Configuration module with a user that has sufficient configuration rights.
  2. From the Document menu, select Package Transfer | Schedule. The Package Transmission Schedule dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter a name for the new schedule in the field beneath the list of Schedule Name pane, then click Create.

    If you are editing an existing schedule, select the schedule to edit in the Schedule Name pane, then click Settings.

    The Schedule Settings dialog is displayed.

  4. Under Type, select the type of schedule to create:
    • Package Transmission: Schedule a time to begin receiving available packages from sending sites.

    • Schedule Update: Schedule an update of the Hyland Document Transfer Service Broker to prevent the service having to be manually restarted in order to adopt new or updated Package Transmission schedules.

  5. If you selected Package Transmission for the Type, the drop-down list under Package to Receive is enabled. Select from the list the package you want to receive at the time scheduled.
  6. Configure the Execution Information to set the day, time, and duration the scheduled task will run:
    • Days of the Week: Select the days of the week the task is executed.

    • Start Time: Enter in the first field the hour at which the task will be executed (accepted values are whole numbers 1-12); in the second field, enter the minute at which to start the task (accepted values are whole numbers 00-59). Select AM to run the task after midnight and before noon, or PM to run it after noon and before midnight, at the hour/minutes designated.

    • Max Execution Time (minutes): Enter a whole number that represents the number of minutes to spend on the scheduled task. If a Package Transmission is not completed in the time frame configured, the remaining data in that package is received at the next scheduled transmission. If you do not wish to set a time limit, enter 0.


      Sending and receiving sites may experience slower system performance during package transfers, depending on the size of the package and the amount of system resources available at the time of the transfer. Receiving sites should coordinate a scheduled day/time with all sending sites subscribed to a package to ensure minimal performance issues for all sites involved in the Document Transfer process.

  7. Click Save. The scheduled task is added to the Package Transmission Schedule list.
  8. Manually restart the Hyland Document Transfer Service Broker to adopt the new schedule immediately. If a Schedule Update has been configured to update the broker, it will be updated automatically at the scheduled day/time.

To configure a Package Transmission for the same package at several different days/times, you must configure a new Package Transmission schedule for each different day/time. You can also configure multiple Schedule Updates to execute at different days/times.