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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Document Transfer requires a Document Type configured to temporarily hold sent documents until they are indexed and archived in the receiving system. The following items should be kept in mind when configuring the holding Document Type:

  • For security reasons, the holding Document Type should be configured such that it is not retrievable by anyone except a super user.

  • Select Image File Format for the Default File Format. The Default File Format does not have to be this or any other file format, because the actual file format of documents received is set when the documents are indexed and archived, but Image File Format is the safest and most common format.

  • Select Indexing Migrates File to move files to the default Disk Group of the Document Type they are indexed into instead of leaving them in the Disk Group location of the holding Document Type.

For complete details on Document Type configuration, see the System Administration module reference guide.