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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Document Transfer requires the OnBase Application Server and the Document Transfer Service. In order to use Document Transfer, the OnBase Application Server and Document Transfer Service must be installed at both the sending and receiving sites.


For instructions on installing the Application Server see Installing the Application Server.

The Hyland Document Transfer Service installer can be run from an installation CD or a local drive. This installer package is usually located in the \install\Document Transfer Service\ folder of your source installation files. If upgrading from a previous installation it is not necessary to uninstall the old components before running the new installer.

To run the Hyland Document Transfer Service installer from the command line, it must be launched using this command: msiexec /i "Hyland Document Transfer Service.msi"


If the service fails to start after installation, ensure that you have configured your Site Information. See Configuring Site Information.

When controlling the installation of components from the command line you must also configure the settings for each component you are installing by using the properties available.

The Hyland Document Transfer Service installer uses the properties described in the following sections: