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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Documents are automatically added to configured Export Packages as they are indexed/committed into a Document Type included in the package (after import or re-indexing, for example) or if they are changed (such as updating the Keyword Type values or re-ordering pages). Documents that were archived before the Export Package was configured, and that have not changed, can only be added to the package by adding them to an Envelope that is configured to be included in the package.

If a document is deleted from the sending site's system, the metadata for that document is included in the Export Package but the document itself is not, even if the package is configured to include the documents and metadata. Documents purged at the sending site are also purged from the receiving site once the package has been received and processed at the receiving site.

The following diagram illustrates the Document Transfer process. The steps in the process are described after the diagram.

  1. Configure Schema: The Document Types and Keyword Types that will be used to index received documents and metadata are configured on the receiving system using a point-and-click interface. This schema is published for use by the sending system.
  2. Map Keywords: The sending system obtains the published schema and uses a point-and-click interface to map the Document Types and Keyword Types in it to the corresponding Document Types and Keyword Types for the documents and metadata to be replicated.
  3. Transfer Content and/or Metadata: The Document Transfer package, which contains the documents and metadata to be replicated on the receiving system, is prepared using a point-and-click interface and sent to the receiving system. At the receiving system, the documents and metadata contained in the package are indexed and archived in the receiving system using the Document Types and Keyword Types of the receiving system, creating an exact copy of the data in the receiving system.
    This process can be scheduled and can include updates to documents and metadata already sent to the receiving system, to ensure that replicated data is always identical to the source data in the sending system.
  4. Retrieve Content: The replicated data can be retrieved from the receiving system. If only the metadata was replicated, the actual documents can be retrieved using a DocPop connection to the document repository of the sending system.
  5. Document Transfer can be used between any number of OnBase systems to ensure that multiple independent sites maintain identical data. However, documents received in a package from one site cannot be included in a package to be sent by the receiving site to a third site. In other words, only original documents (created and maintained by the sending site) can be transferred to a receiving site.