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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

The transmission of packages cannot be initiated by the sending site. Only the receiving site can initiate a package transfer, as either a scheduled or ad hoc process. When a package transfer is initiated, any documents in the corresponding Export Package at the sending site are replicated to the receiving site.

Documents are automatically added to configured Export Packages as they are imported or re-indexed into a Document Type contained in the package, or if they are changed (such as updating the Keyword Type values or re-ordering pages). Documents can also be added to packages in an ad hoc manner using Envelopes (see Sending Packages).

Document Transfer can be used between any number of OnBase systems to ensure that multiple independent sites maintain identical data. However, documents received in a package from one site cannot be included in a package to be sent by the receiving site to a third site. In other words, only original documents (created and maintained by the sending site) can be transferred to a receiving site.