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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Document Transfer packages can be manipulated from the Document Transfer Processor queues using options available in the right-click menus of the packages.

The following table describes the possible actions available from the right-click menu.


Not all options described in this section are available from all queues and to all users. Availability depends on the rights of the user logged in and whether the package is an Import or Export package.



Commit Selected

Commit the selected packages. Packages in the Import - Uncommitted queue are stored in the first mass storage Disk Group copy. When you commit a batch, its documents are copied to the other Disk Group copies. Once a batch is committed, it can no longer be purged.


Packages in the Import - Uncommitted queue can be retrieved just like any other document in the system. Commit or purge packages as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of users retrieving documents from an invalid batch.


You must have Administrative Processing privileges in order to commit documents.

View Verification Report

Display the verification reports for the selected packages.

Detail Log

Display a list of actions that have been performed on the packages selected.

Print Selected

Print the documents in the selected packages.

Export Selected

Export the documents in the selected packages


This option is only available if the system is licensed for Export.

Run Script

Run the selected VBScript against the documents in the packages selected.

Rename Batch

Rename the batch.

Re-Date Batch

Modify the document dates for documents in the selected packages. Since most document Auto-Name strings contain the Document Date, this option also renames the documents.


Depending on the number of documents in the selected packages, this option may take some time.

Clear Selected

Deselect all selected packages.

Select Batch Range

Select a range of packages to view in the queue. Packages not contained in the range selected are removed from the view.

Purge Selected

Purge the selected packages. This removes the data files from the Disk Group and all database entries for the documents in the batch. This process permanently deletes the data and database entries.


You must have Administrative Processing privileges in order to purge documents.

Prepare for Reprocessing

Select this option to move the package back to the Import - Pending Processing queue. This option is available from the Import - Error queue and allows you to reprocess a package after any errors encountered during the original import have been addressed.


Refresh the queue. This option displays any new items that have been added to the queue since it was last opened or refreshed.