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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Packages received can be tracked through the archiving process using the OnBase Client by selecting Document Transfer | Processing Console from the Processing menu. The Document Transfer Processing Console dialog is displayed.

The left hand pane contains the Document Transfer processing queues. Click the Refresh button to refresh the displayed processing queues.

The following queues are used by the receiving site to manage Import packages. Depending on the status of the package, not all of the queues listed are displayed.


A verification report of the actions performed by the Document Transfer Processor is archived at the receiving site under SYS - Verification Reports.

  • Import - Error: Packages that were not successfully received from the sending site.

  • Import - Pending Processing: Packages that have been successfully received but the contents have not yet been processed.

  • Import - Incomplete Process: Packages that could not be processed completely due to an error or an interrupted process.

  • Import - Uncommited: Packages that have been successfully received but the contents were not automatically archived in the receiving site's system, usually due to indexing errors. The contents of these packages must be indexed and committed manually by right clicking the package name and selecting Commit Selected.

  • Import - Committed: Packages that have been successfully received and the contents archived into the receiving site's system.

  • Import - Batch History: The history of Import packages purged from the system that have been imported at the receiving site.

  • Scheduled Processes: Packages that have been scheduled for automatic processing.

  • Incomplete Purge: Packages that were not successfully purged.


If your site is both a sending and receiving site, the Scheduled Processes and Incomplete Purge queues may contain both Export and Import packages.

See Package Processing from the Processor Queues for a complete list of the processing options available from the right-click menu for a batch.