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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Once documents have been added to an Envelope that is configured to be included in a Export Package, you can add them to the package from that Envelope.


The Document Types contained in the Envelope must match the Document Types configured for the package. The contents of an Envelope are only included in a package if all of the documents in the Envelope belong to Document Types configured to be included in the package. Furthermore, if a package requires a certain Document Type, the Envelope must contain at least one document of that Document Type for the Envelope to be included in the package.

To add the contents of an Envelope to an Export Package:

  1. In the OnBase Client, select Envelopes | Open Envelope from the User menu. The Open Envelope dialog is displayed.
  2. Right click the Envelope that contains the documents to include in the package and select Create Transfer Package.

    The Generating Output File dialog is displayed, which shows the progress of the package creation.

Once the process is complete, the documents in the Envelope are included in the package and will be sent to the receiving site at the next scheduled Package Transmission or when the receiving site initiates an Ad Hoc Package Retrieval.