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Document Transfer

Document Transfer
Foundation 23.1

Within the Open Envelope dialog box, select an envelope or envelopes and right-click to display a list of options.

  • To open an envelope, double-click on it or select one or more envelopes, right-click and choose View Selected.

  • To deselect an envelope or envelopes, right-click and select Clear Selected.

  • To delete a selected envelope or envelopes, select the envelope(s), right-click and select Delete Selected.

  • To share envelopes with other users, select Envelope Sharing.

  • To print all documents within an envelope, right-click and select Print All.

  • To print a specific document, select that document, right-click and select Print.

    From the Print (Multiple Documents) dialog box, you can print the selected document by clicking Print or print all the documents within the envelope by clicking Print All.

  • To save multiple documents to a Zip file, select more than one document, right-click, and select Send To | Zip File or Send To | Encrypted Zip File.

  • If necessary, click Refresh after making changes to update the display.