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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

You can import new Office documents into OnBase using the Standalone Office Add-In. When you create a new document, you can save the document to your file system before importing it, or you can import the document directly into OnBase.

If you modify a document residing on your file system before importing the document into OnBase, the modified document is imported into OnBase regardless of whether you saved your changes to the file system. If you want to save changes to the document in your file system, save the changes before you import the document into OnBase.

You can also import Office documents marked as Read-Only from your file system. If you modify the document before importing it, the Standalone Office Add-In imports the modified document and leaves the read-only document unmodified in your file system.

The Import Document dialog box can retain or clear the Keyword Values used by the previous document you imported. This behavior is determined by your Workstation Options, configured under User | Workstation Options in the OnBase Client. Workstation Options are respected when you save new documents to OnBase using File | Save As or OnBase | Import Document. For more information about Workstation Options, see the OnBase Client Help.