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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

You can import the document into OnBase from the OnBase menu in the Microsoft toolbar menu. When you save a document to OnBase from Microsoft Word or Excel, the document's Auto-Name string is displayed in the title bar.


You can also use the Office application's built-in save commands (for example, File | Save As) to save documents to OnBase. If you use these save commands, be aware of the Known Issues with the Standalone Office Add-In.

  1. After opening or creating a document, select OnBase | Import Document. The EDM Services Logon dialog box is displayed.
  2. Log on to OnBase. The Import Document dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select an appropriate Document Type and enter any Keyword Values. Required Keyword Values are displayed in red.
  4. Click Import.

    If the document you are importing has the same Keyword Values as an existing revisable document, the Document Revisions dialog box is displayed. For a description of this dialog box, see Document Revisions Dialog Box Options.

    If the Document Revisions dialog box is not displayed, the document is now stored in OnBase as a new document.


    When you are importing a new document into OnBase, you cannot overwrite an existing document. The overwrite option is normally provided when a document's Keyword Values match those of an existing document in a Document Type that allows overwriting. See Known Issues with the Standalone Office Add-In for more information.

  5. If prompted, select whether you want to import the document as a revision or as a new document.
    The document is stored in OnBase. The document is locked and cannot be edited by another user until you close the Office application.