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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

The Standalone Office Add-In provides an Import Document command from the OnBase menu embedded in the Office application. You can use this command to import or save documents directly to OnBase from the Office application. You can also use the save commands built into the Office application to save documents to either OnBase or your file system. The following save commands are available:

  • Selecting OnBase | Import Document

  • Selecting File | Save

  • Selecting File | Save As

  • Clicking the Save button

  • Pressing CTRL+S

How the Standalone Office Add-In responds to these commands depends on the archival Document Type and your Microsoft Office application. These commands may not produce the expected results. Read the sections below for information about known issues with the Standalone Office Add-In.


Ensure you understand the issues described in the following sections. By being aware of these issues and following the recommendations provided, you can preserve data integrity and prevent data loss.