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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1
  1. You are never provided the option to overwrite existing documents if you save or import a document through the Import Document dialog box. The Import Document dialog box is displayed when you import a new document from an Office application and anytime you use either OnBase | Import Document or File | Save As to save a document to OnBase.
    If a Document Type allows documents to be overwritten, the overwrite option is typically provided when you save or import a document whose Keyword Values match those of an existing document. If you opened the current document from OnBase and the document satisfies prerequisites for overwriting, you can access the overwrite option by either selecting File | Save or clicking the Save button.
  2. Two users can check out the same OnBase document at the same time if one user opens it from an Office application and the other opens it from the OnBase Client. If you have opened a document using the OnBase Office Add-In while another user has it checked out, the Office Add-In prompts you to import the document as a new document rather than saving it as a revision of the original.

    For revisable documents retrieved from OnBase, the Document Revisions dialog box is displayed when you save the document. If you attempt to save a revisable document and are presented with the Import Document dialog box instead of the Document Revisions dialog box, the document was likely in use by another user when you retrieved it from OnBase. In this scenario, you can still save the document as a revision of the original, but any changes made by the other user may not be reflected in the latest revision.

    You can save the document as a revision of the original document by entering the original document's Keyword Values into the Import Document dialog box and clicking Save As Revision when prompted. If the other user had saved changes to the document before you created your revision, the other user's changes are reflected in the revision created by that user.

    Both revisions should be reviewed to ensure the document reflects all necessary changes.

  3. Ctrl+O never provides the option to retrieve documents from OnBase, only from the file system. You can retrieve documents from OnBase by selecting OnBase | Retrieve Document or by selecting File | Open and choosing to use OnBase.