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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

To prevent data loss and conflict, only one user can make changes to a document at a time. A document that is in use or is unavailable for editing may have a Checked Out or Read-Only status.

  • Checked Out indicates that the document is open and in use. The document is checked out to the first user to open the document. If the user has appropriate rights and the Document Type is revisable, he or she can revise the document.

  • Read-Only indicates that a document is currently checked out by another user or that the Document Type is not revisable. The document can be opened by other users, allowing the user to view, but not change the document. The document cannot be modified until it is checked back in. Some Document Types, such as Text Report Format Document Types, are always displayed as read-only.


If a document is read-only because it is checked out, its Keyword Values are also read-only.