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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

EDM Services lets you drag and drop multiple documents into OnBase. Select files from Windows Explorer and drag them onto the OnBase Client desktop. The Import Document dialog box is displayed. The first of the dragged documents is displayed in the Full Path to File field. Index and import the first document. The next document is presented for indexing.


When documents are dragged and dropped into OnBase, the Import Document dialog box does not respect the Do Not Close Dialog After Import Workstation Option. This option keeps the Import Document dialog box open after a document is imported, allowing the user to browse to another file to import. When using the drag-and-drop method, the user can select all the files to import from the Windows Explorer interface. Browsing for additional files is unnecessary.


You cannot import a document by dragging it from Windows Explorer into OnBase if you run the OnBase Client as administrator in a UAC environment. This behavior is intentional per Microsoft UAC guidelines.