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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

Windows Autoplay and EDM Services can be used to import multiple documents into OnBase quickly and easily from an external source, such as a digital camera or a data CD.

To use EDM Services to import documents into OnBase through Windows Autoplay, you must not have rights to a scan queue configured to accept documents swept into the system.


For information on using Windows Autoplay to sweep documents into a scan queue, see the Document Imaging documentation.

To import documents into an OnBase from an external source using Windows Autoplay:

  1. Trigger Windows Autoplay by inserting removable media or connecting an external device, such as a digital camera, to your system. Select the Archive Documents using OnBase Client option from the list of actions in the Autoplay dialog box.
  2. All documents stored in the external device are imported into the system and indexed using the Import Document dialog box. The dialog box is displayed once for each individual document imported into the system.
  3. A message asking if you would like to delete the original files from their source (e.g. the data CD, the digital camera) is displayed after all files have been imported.