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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

Revisions are modified copies of an original document where the same file format is maintained.

With EDM Services, users can create and manage document revisions. When a document's content changes, the modified document can be saved as a revision. Previous revisions are retained, allowing you to view prior revisions and track document history.

Document revisions can be created in OnBase, but retrieval or revision procedures vary depending on certain configuration settings of your system. Document revisions are read-only and cannot be deleted. If you modify a previous revision, you can only save the resulting document as a new document.

Note the following:

  • A revisable document will not have its initial revision created until it has been indexed. Prior to indexing, all changes to the document will not create a new revision.

  • When you open a document that is currently in use by another user or is otherwise locked, the document is read-only and you are unable to create revisions of the document.

  • Documents imported in the Web Client that have keywords that match revisions of documents or revisable documents are considered matching documents.

  • Saving changes in Microsoft Excel to a revisable document in comma-separated values (CSV) format may not be supported by your solution. See your system administrator to determine if CSV file format is supported with EDM Services.