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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

If a Document Type is configured to allow persistent checkout, you can keep documents checked out even after you log out of OnBase. For example, a user checks out a document and saves it to a laptop for overnight editing. The user checks in the document to OnBase the next morning. While the document is checked out, other OnBase users can only open read-only copies of the document or add the document to their EDM Briefcase as a reference. When the document is checked back in to OnBase, it becomes available to other users for check out.

Without the EDM Services module, you cannot keep documents checked out after you log out of OnBase.


To check out documents with custom File Formats, the File Format must be configured to open documents in the associated external viewer application. See the System Administration module reference guide for more information on configuring File Formats.

To configure a Document Type for persistent checkout:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Document | Document Types.
  2. In the Document Types dialog box, select the Document Type from which you intend to check out documents.

    The Document Type you select must be configured to use a File Format Viewer Type of Custom, OLE Active Page, or OLE Server.

  3. Click the Rendition/Revision button to display the Rendition/Revision Control Settings dialog box.
  4. Select Allow Multiple Revisions. When you do this, Allow Persistent Check Out becomes available.

    If Non Revisable is selected, the Allow Persistent Check Out option is not available unless Prompt to overwrite or create new document is also selected.

  5. Select the Allow Persistent Check Out check box.
  6. Click Save.