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EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

By default, notes appear only on revisions created after the revision they were added to; however, it is possible to configure OnBase to add a note to all previous revisions.

To do so, do the following:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Document | Note Types.
  2. Select a Note Type.
  3. Click Attributes.
  4. In the Display Settings section, select Repeat on All Revisions.

    In subsequent revisions of a document, the note appears on the page where it was originally added. For example, a note is added to the first page of a multi-page document. The pages of the document are reordered so that the first page is the final page of the document. A new revision of the document is created when the changes are saved. The note is now displayed on the final page of the of the new revision. Because the Repeat on All Revisions option retains the current page position of the note upon saving a new revision, the note appears in the same page position on all previous revisions. If a note is added on page 1 on a revision, and on a new first page is added, the note will be applied to the new first page, and will not stay with the original page on which it was added.


    If this option is not selected, users will be unable to save redaction annotations on the original document after selecting the Create Redacted Image option on that document. Notes that are replaced with redactions are removed from the revision on which the redaction was applied, not the source revision.


    In general, the Repeat on All Revisions option should not be used unless an instruction specifically calls for it. A note configured with this option may not appear on the page it was originally added to, and if the page containing one of these notes is moved to a page number position that doesn't exist in a previous revision, then the note is removed from the previous revision.

  5. Select the Delete when Page is Deleted check box to delete the note from every revision of a specified document when the page it appears on is deleted.
  6. Click Save.