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Foundation 23.1

Unique keywords are used for revision control during import and indexing. When a file is imported, OnBase must determine whether a matching document currently exists in OnBase. By default, OnBase determines if a match exists by searching for a document of the same Document Type with identical Keyword Values. All Keyword Values must match. Otherwise, OnBase considers the document a new document instead of a revision (or rendition).

Using unique keywords, you can limit the keywords OnBase checks to determine whether a document currently resides in OnBase. Not all Keyword Values have to match for an imported document to be saved as a revision of an existing OnBase document.

When the imported document is saved as a revision of an existing OnBase document and the documents' non-unique Keyword Values do not match, the revised document is indexed with the Keyword Values from both the existing document and the imported document.

To specify keywords as unique:

  1. In the Configuration module, select Document | Document Types.
  2. With the Document Type selected, click Keyword Types, and then the Options button.
    All Keyword Types assigned to the Document Type are listed.
  3. Select a Keyword Type, select the Unique check box, and click Save.

    When all Keyword Types display as FALSE, OnBase checks all Keyword Values. As soon as a Keyword Value is set to TRUE, only those values marked as TRUE are checked.