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EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

To map document properties to Keyword Types:

  1. From the Keyword Type Assignment dialog box, click Property Mapping. The Property Mapping dialog box is displayed:
  2. From the Property Names drop-down list, select the Property Name you want to map to a Keyword Type (such as Category from an Excel document). Valid Property Names are limited to:
    • Author

    • Category

    • Comments

    • Company

    • Create Date/Time

    • Keywords

    • Manager

    • Subject

    • Title

    All properties can be mapped to Alphanumeric Keyword Types. The Create Date/Time property can be mapped to Date Keyword Types.


    Do not map properties to Numeric (Up to 9 Digits), Numeric (Up to 20 Digits), Floating Point, Currency, Specific Currency, or Date & Time Keyword Types, and do not map custom Property Names. For more information, see Property Mapping Considerations.

  3. From the Keyword Types drop-down list, select the Keyword Type to which you want to map the Property Name.
  4. Click Add to add the Property Type/Keyword Type mapping to the Property Mapping list.
    You can remove an existing Property Mapping from the list by selecting it and clicking Remove.
  5. Click Close to save changes and exit.