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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

Before configuring Property Mapping, keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Property mapping is not supported when importing documents from the Unity Client or Web Client.

  • The possible data types of document properties are Text, Number, Date, and Yes or No.

  • All properties can be mapped to Alphanumeric Keyword Types.

  • Date properties can be mapped to Date Keyword Types.

  • Ensure mapped properties are compatible with the maximum length of the Keyword Type.

  • Property-mapped Keyword Values are not displayed in the Keyword Panel when a document is manually imported. Values are applied after the document is imported to OnBase.

Caution should be taken when mapping document properties to Keyword Types. The following exceptions should be considered before mapping properties to Keyword Types:

  • Do not map document properties to Numeric (Up to 9 Digits), Numeric (Up to 20 Digits), Currency, Specific Currency, or Floating Point Keyword Types. No value is indexed for document properties mapped to these Keyword Types.

  • Do not map document properties to Date & Time Keyword Types. The value indexed for document properties mapped to this Keyword Type may contain an incorrect time value.

  • Do not map a custom Property Name. No value will be indexed for Keyword Types mapped to custom Property Names. Custom Property Names are any names other than the following default Property Names:

    • Author

    • Category

    • Comments

    • Company

    • Create Date/Time

    • Keywords

    • Manager

    • Subject

    • Title

Any mappings using a custom Property Name that were previously added should be removed. To remove a mapping, select it and click Remove. After all mappings using the same custom Property Name are removed, that custom Property Name will no longer be available in the Property Names drop-down list the next time the Property Mapping dialog box is opened.