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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

Financial institutions with an underwriting department are an example of the many companies that benefit from EDM Services. OnBase users can share documents and track revisions through one database. The document can be quickly accessed either through the OnBase Client or through an applicable software application. The document can also be routed via OnBase Workflow and be made available over the Web via the OnBase Web Client.

For instance, underwriters may change documents frequently. When a document's content changes, the modified document can be saved as a revision. Documents can be saved as revisions with or without revision comments attached. Previous revisions are still retained, allowing employees to view prior revisions and track the document's history.

EDM Services helps facilitate the sharing of documents. For example, in a sales department, several employees contribute to a proposal. A sales specialist may write an initial proposal that requires input from others. The initial document is created and imported into OnBase using EDM Services. It can then be retrieved and revised by anyone with modification rights for that document.

Documents can be transferred to another machine or laptop, allowing for offsite revision. For example, if an employee needs to review/edit the document on a laptop while traveling, the document can be checked out and remain checked out after the OnBase session is closed. While the document is checked out, other users can only retrieve and route a read-only version of the document. After changes have been made, the user checks the document back in and the document is available for the next user or users to review.

For image documents, EDM Services allows you to create a revised document using permanent revision image markups.

For document templates, a company with a human resources department may use a standard memo format stored as a template. This document template is used to create a new document that includes memo text and recipient information such as new or prospective employees.