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Foundation 23.1

Image markups allow users to place comments on a document and burn those comments onto the document permanently. Image markups provide a way to create read-only comments that cannot be edited.

The following image markups are available:

  • Rectangular highlight

  • Ellipses

  • Lines

  • Arrows

  • Text boxes

  • Revision number stamps

To permanently keep markups on a document, the markups must be saved. When markups are saved, a revision of the original document bearing the image markups is saved into OnBase.

To be eligible for image markups, a document must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The document must be an Image or Image Rendered PDF file format.

  • The document must belong to a revisable Document Type that allows image markups.

  • The document must be unlocked (not in use by another user).

To create an image markup revision of a document, a revision markup needs to be stamped on the document. In addition, users must have the Enable Markup Toolbar privilege granted in order to perform image markups.