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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

The Convert to Single Page TIFF File Per Page Process automatically converts all documents in a batch that are stored as multi-page TIFFs to single-page-per-file TIFF images. Despite the change to its file structure, the document remains the same when accessed or viewed in OnBase.

By default, the original multi-page TIFF file(s) are deleted from the Disk Group once the image process is complete.

However, if your solution is licensed for EDM Services and the Document Type is configured to allow revisions, the multi-page TIFF file is not deleted from the Disk Group. Instead, a new, identical revision of the document is created once the Convert to Single Page TIFF File Per Page process in complete (the first revision consists of the multi-page TIFF file and the second revision consists of the multiple single-page TIFF files).