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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

You can import a revision of a document into OnBase if the following requirements are met:

  • The database is licensed for EDM Services.

  • The Document Type that the document is being imported into is revisable.

  • The Keyword Values on the imported document identically match those on an existing document with the same Document Type in OnBase. Depending on your system's configuration, the imported and existing document may be required to have the same Keyword Values for some or all Keyword Types.

  • The document in OnBase that has matching Keyword Values is neither open nor checked out by another user.


You can import a revision or rendition of a document that is locked if you acquired the lock yourself and the lock occurred within the same session in which you are attempting to import the revision or rendition. Logging out after locking a document would prevent you from importing the revision, despite having acquired the lock yourself.

When you import a document that contains the same indexing information as another document already residing in OnBase, the Document Revisions dialog box is displayed. From this screen, you can either save the document as a revision of an existing document, or you can save the document as a new document in OnBase.

To save the document as a revision of an existing document:

  1. Import a new document, ensuring the listed requirements are met. The Document Revisions dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the document from the list of documents.

    The selected document is displayed:

  3. The existing document's Keyword Values are displayed in the Keywords pane.
  4. Click one of the following buttons:



    Save as Revision

    Saves the document as a new revision. Any text you enter in the subsequent Comment screen will be saved as a comment for the revision.

    Depending on how the Document Type is configured, a comment may be required.


    Comments longer than 250 characters are not supported.

    Append Revision

    Creates a new revision by appending the imported image document to the existing image document.

    Note the following:

    • This option is only available for Image File Format and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) documents.

    • The target Document Type must be configured to allow appending pages and must be revisable.

    • When the existing document is checked out by the Unity Briefcase, this option is only available when the existing document's Document Type is configured with the Image File Format file type. For more information, see your system administrator.

    Save as New Document

    Saves the imported document as a new document in OnBase, separate from the existing document.


    Selecting this option creates two documents in OnBase with the same indexing information (the imported document and the existing document).


    Cancels the import process. No new documents or revisions have been added.