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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

You can only use persistent checkout in the Unity Client. You cannot use persistent checkout in other OnBase clients or modules.

You can persistently check out documents in the Unity Client. There are three possibilities for checked-out documents:

  • If the file type is supported, a copy of the document is stored on your workstation. See the sections below for more information on which file types are supported for local checkout.

  • If the file type is not supported for checkout to the workstation, the document is checked out within OnBase and is held in a state similar to an extended document lock.

  • If configured, documents are checked out to Google Drive.

In all three cases, you can modify this checked-out copy of the document without modifying the original copy stored in OnBase. When you check the document back in, it is stored as a revision of the document in OnBase, and the original copy is retained as a previous revision. Previous revisions of documents are not eligible for persistent checkout. When you check out a document, the document is displayed as read-only to other OnBase users.

Note the following considerations for persistent checkout:

  • Checking out to Google Drive is available only if the Google Services features have been enabled. Contact your system administrator for additional information.

  • It is not possible to check out documents through the Office Business Application modules, even if the document is configured for persistent checkout. The Check Out button may appear to be enabled in the Office Business Application viewer ribbon when working with OLE documents, but using this option is not recommended.

  • To check out documents with custom File Formats, the File Format must be configured to open documents in the associated external viewer application.


Care should be taken using EDM Services when Unity Briefcase is also installed. Documents that are persistently checked out via EDM Services should not be sent to the Unity Briefcase. Additionally, documents in the Unity Briefcase should not be persistently checked out. Discrepancies between revisions of documents may occur due to locks not being respected, resulting in unintended changes or data integrity issues. It is considered a best practice to not use both solutions together in this manner.