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EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

Files that are not OLE or RTF format should not be checked out to Google Drive. Do not check out documents containing a TIF image to Google Drive. TIF files are incompatible with Google Drive and may be lost when checked back in to OnBase.

If enabled, you can check out an OLE or RTF document to your Google Drive account from the Unity Client Google Viewer, or multiple documents from a Document Search Results list. Right-click and select Check Out | Check Out to Google or click Check Out | Check Out to Google on the Document tab.

If Check Out to Google is not available, verify that you have met prerequisites for document checkout and are using the Google Viewer.


File extensions from pre-2007 versions of Microsoft Office are converted to post-2007 Office extensions upon check-in from Google Drive. For example, .doc is converted to .docx.

If you attempt to check out a document that is already checked out to Google Drive or the document is not compatible with Google Drive, a message is displayed, stating: Failed to check out document [Document Name] with id [Document ID].

Depending on your configuration, you may be prompted to check a document out after saving changes to a document that is not checked out.


If using a shared workstation, verify that the correct Google user is signed in before checking out documents by navigating to Google in your web browser.