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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

You can check out a document to your workstation from the Unity Client Document Viewer or Document Search Results list. The Document Search Results list also allows you to select and check out multiple documents. In either context, right-click and select Check Out | Check Out, or click Check Out on the Document tab.


For OLE documents, Unity Client right-click functionality is available by right-clicking below the OnBase ribbon.

The following file types are supported for persistent checkout to the workstation:

  • MS Excel Spreadsheet

  • MS Power Point

  • MS Word Document

  • MS Outlook Message

  • Lotus Notes Document

  • PDF

  • Custom File Formats configured to open in an external viewer or application

Note the following considerations for checking out documents to your workstation:

  • If Check Out is not available, verify that you have met prerequisites for document checkout.

  • Media file types cannot be checked out to the workstation.

  • If a document is already checked out through Google Drive, the Check Out button is unavailable.

Depending on your configuration, you may be prompted to check out a document after saving changes to a document that is not checked out.