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EDM Services

EDM Services
Foundation 23.1

For Document Types that allow revisions, the revision number is displayed next to the document's Name in a Document Search Results list.

To view more detailed revision information, or to see the revisions and versions themselves:

  1. From a document selected in a Document Search Results list, right-click and select Revisions / Renditions or click Revisions on the Document tab.

    From an open document, right-click and select Revisions / Renditions, click Revisions on the Document tab, or click the Revisions button above the document, as shown in the screen shot below:

    The Revisions button includes the number of revisions and the date of the latest revision.


    The Revisions button only displays if there is more than one revision.

  2. The Revisions and Renditions dialog box is displayed:
  3. Depending upon the rights your system administrator has set, the following information is displayed:



    Version #

    The revision's version number.

    Revision #

    The number of the revision.

    File Type

    The file type of the document.


    When you are viewing revision information, this column displays the date and time the document was created.

    When you are viewing version information, this column displays the date and time you stamped the version.


    The revision comment.

    Version Name

    The name of the version.


    The Version Name field has a maximum limit of 15 characters.

    User name

    The OnBase user that created the document.


    Columns can be resized and grouped. For more information, see the Unity Client documentation.

  4. To open a specific revision or version, double-click the revision or version you want to view.

    When you modify the Keyword Values on any revision of a revisable document, these modifications are applied to all revisions of the document.

  5. Depending upon whether the Document Type is configured for revisions or versions, you can right-click and select the following options:



    Stamp Version

    Creates a version of a document. For more information about stamping versions, see Stamping Versions.

    Display Version Info

    Displays any versions of the document. This option is available when you are viewing revision information and the document has at least one stamped version.

    Display Revision Info

    Displays any revisions made to the document. This option is available when you are viewing version information.


    These right-click options may vary depending upon your User Group and rights.