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Image markups allow you to apply comments in the form of graphics or text to an open image document. If you have sufficient privileges, you can permanently save these comments to a new revision of the document.


If a note, redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is not in the location you expect, do not save or sign the document until the location has been corrected by your system administrator. When the document is saved or signed, the pending redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is permanently placed in the shifted location. The shifting of notes that do not permanently alter the document can be corrected any time by your system administrator.

Note the following considerations for using image markups:

  • You must have sufficient privileges to use image markups.

  • You can add and save image markups on only the most recent revision of a document. Notes and annotations are not transferred to subsequent revisions.

  • Image markups cannot be added to a document that is currently locked.

  • You can apply image markups only to a document belonging to a Document Type that is configured both to allow multiple revisions and to allow image markups.


    Ask your system administrator whether a Document Type allows image markups.

  • Image markups can only be applied to documents with Image or Image Rendered PDF file formats.

  • If you save image markups to a document with an Image Rendered PDF file format, the document is converted to Image file format and can no longer be saved in its native or original PDF format.

  • Image markups can be selected from the Image Markup toolbar. To display the Image Markup toolbar, select the Toggle Markup Toolbar button. See Web Client Image Markups for more information.