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EIS Message Broker

EIS Message Broker
Foundation 23.1

These options control how response messages are handled.

Option: Message Project

Select the project that contains the Message Type whose mapping you wish to use for this rule.

Option: Message Type

Select the Message Type that contains the mapping you wish to use for this rule.

Option: Map

Select the mapping used to map message elements to OnBase objects.

Option: Create Workflow Message Item

Select a life cycle to which you want to route response message items. Only life cycles configured to process message items are available for selection. The settings available for this option differ slightly depending on the type of object the current life cycle is configured to process.

If the current life cycle is configured to process documents or WorkView items, select a life cycle from the Life Cycle drop-down list.

If the current life cycle is configured to process message items, select one of the following options:

  • Current Life Cycle: Select this option to route response message items within the current life cycle. Additional settings are available:

    • Enter the container item name in Container Item Name.

    • Select the Set Active Container Item option to set the container item as active.

  • Other Life Cycle: Select another life cycle from the drop-down list to route response message items to another life cycle.

  • None: Select this option if you do not want to create and route response message items.

Option: Unity Script

Select a Unity Script from the Unity Script drop-down list in order to execute the selected Unity Script when a response is received from the LOB system after the message is completed. Only Unity Scripts created using the IEISMessageBrokerResponseHandlerScript type are available for selection.

Option: Property Name to hold most recent error message

Enter the name of a Workflow property to populate it with the most recent error message reported by the LOB system.


This option is only available for entry when the Status on the rule's General tab is set to Data Error or System Error. Additionally, this option is not available for message items.

Option: Use Session Property Bag

Select Use Persistent Property Bag from this drop-down list. No other property bags are supported for use with the Check Published Message Complete rule.