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EIS Message Broker

EIS Message Broker
Foundation 23.1

Follow these steps to install the Message Broker Dashboard API:

  1. Launch the Message Broker Dashboard installer by executing setup.exe. This executable is typically located in the ..\Install\Message Broker Dashboard API folder of your source installation files.
    The welcome page is displayed.
  2. Click Next. The Destination Folder page is displayed.
    To change the installation location, enter a new folder location or click Change to browse to the folder location.
  3. Click Next. The Message Broker Dashboard API Application Settings page is displayed.
  4. Select a site from the Web Site drop-down list to which to install the Message Broker Dashboard API. The Web Site list is populated with the Web site servers configured in IIS and available to the target computer.
  5. Enter a name in the Application Name field for the Message Broker Dashboard API.
  6. Select a method from the Communication Method drop-down list to set how the Message Broker Dashboard API will communicate with the Application Server
  7. Click Next. The Data Source page is displayed.
  8. Enter the name of a valid connection string in the field.
  9. Click Next. The Application Server URL page is displayed.
  10. In the Application Server URL field, enter the full URL to the Service page on the OnBase Application Server.
  11. Click Next. The Ready to install... page is displayed.
  12. Click Install to install the Message Broker Dashboard API.
    Click Back to return to the previous dialog to change configuration options, or click Cancel to close the installer without installing the Message Broker Dashboard API.
  13. When the Completed the Hyland Message Broker Dashboard API Setup Wizard page is displayed, click Finish to complete the installation.