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EIS Message Broker

EIS Message Broker
Foundation 23.1

You can open specific queues to view more detailed information on messages within the selected queue, such as when the message was sent, when the response message was received, when the message was marked as completed, or the exact text of the message itself.

To view more detailed information on messages within specific queues, follow these steps:

  1. From the Message Broker Dashboard home page, expand a category by clicking the carat icon next to the category to display the list of queues available under that category.
  2. Click on the queue you want to open. The selected queue is displayed.
  3. Filter the queue as required to display only the message(s) you want to view using the queue options at the top of the page. You can search for a specific message using its message ID number, or for messages created within a range of dates.
  4. Click on a message ID to open a specific message and view detailed information on that message. The Message Id dialog box is displayed.
  5. Navigate the Message Id dialog box as required to view all of the information you need to see. The Overview tab contains an overview of the status and history of the message, the Errors tab contains information on the error(s) that occurred to the message, the Object Info tab contains information on the object attached to the message (such as a document's name and its Keyword Values), and the Raw Message tab contains the actual message being sent.

    The type of information displayed in the Message Id dialog box is dependent upon the queue you are viewing. For example, when viewing the Message Id dialog box for a message in the Completed queue, you will be able to see the Response Time and Completed Time for the message. No such data is available for messages in the In Progress queue, since messages in that queue have not received a response or been completed.


    The Object Info tab cannot be populated with data if a send transformation is configured for the message.