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EIS Message Broker

EIS Message Broker
Foundation 23.1

The Message Broker Cleaner task cleans up the Message Broker messages queue and routes messages to the appropriate queues. This task deletes or purges messages, depending on each message's maintenance settings.


To be deleted or purged by this task, message items must first be marked for deleting or purging by the Message Broker project's Delete Message Item and Purge Message Item settings on the Maintenance tab of the Properties pane in OnBase Studio. See the section on editing a Message Broker project in the Studio documentation for more information on configuring a Message Broker project's maintenance settings.

To create an Message BrokerCleaner task:

  1. Select Message Broker Cleaner from the drop-down list when prompted to select the type of task you want to create.
  2. Click Next. The User Group selection page of the Task Wizard is displayed.

Configuring a Message Broker Cleaner task does not require any task-specific configuration in the Task Wizard. After selecting this task type, click Next and see the Unity Scheduler documentation for general information on Configuring Tasks.