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EIS Message Broker

EIS Message Broker
Foundation 23.1

The EIS Message Broker module is a general-purpose messaging service built into OnBase. It allows you to generate an XML or JSON message from an OnBase object based on serialization rules built using a simple configuration application. Once generated, the messages are stored in a persistent queue awaiting delivery to third-party line of business applications, where the LOB records can be updated with current information from OnBase.

The following objects can be serialized into messages:

  • OnBase documents

  • E-Forms

  • EIS Workflow XML messages

  • Unity Forms

  • WorkView objects

The EIS Message Broker offers comprehensive auditing and logging of the entire message life cycle, including creation of the message, transmission of the message to the LOB application, and delivery of the LOB response message. The service is self-maintaining after a simple configuration, allowing for proactive error reporting and automatic cleanup of completed message data according to your business process rules.

Messages are created within OnBase Workflow as part of a business process using an action in a life cycle. The life cycle can then wait until a response is received from the LOB application before continuing to route items. Once the response is received, data can be extracted and copied to an OnBase object (either the OnBase object that created the message, or a different object altogether).