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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

Allows you to set the field specified in the Field to set drop-down list to the specified value.


This action is supported only in the Unity Client.

To configure this action:

  1. In the Properties pane, on the General tab, from the Field to set drop-down list, select the field to set.

    The following selections are available:




    The Plan Review project's name field.

    External ID

    The Plan Review project's external ID field.

    Start Date

    The Plan Review project's start date field.

    Project Identifier

    The Plan Review project's identifier field.

    Project Review Type*

    The Plan Review project's review type field.

    Project Group*

    The Plan Review project group name.

    Display Name

    The Plan Review project's display name field.


    The Plan Review project's status field.

    Project Form ID*

    The ID number of the Unity Form used by the Plan Review project.

    Submitter's Email*

    The e-mail address of the Plan Review project's submitter.

    *These values should not be changed since they are foreign keys to other entities related to the Plan Review project entity.

  2. From the Obtain value from drop-down list, select one of the following locations to obtain the value from:

    Obtain value from


    Constant value

    This option sets the field value to the constant value specified.

    Current date/time

    This option sets the field value to the current date/time.

    Current user name

    This option sets the field value to the user name of the currently logged in user. If you want to use the configured real name for the user, select the Use real name option.


    This option sets the field value to the name of a property.

    User group name(s) of current user

    This option sets the field value to the user group(s) the current logged in user.

  3. In the Properties pane, click the Documentation tab. Enter any descriptive information that is applicable in the Overview and Details fields.