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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

This version of Plan Review has additional Upgrade Considerations when upgrading to it from one of the following earlier versions:

  • Any pre-Foundation releases prior to 18 SP 1, Build 250

  • Foundation EP1

  • Foundation EP2

  • Foundation EP 3

  • Foundation EP 4

  • Foundation EP5

When upgrading from any of these versions, you must ensure that all instances of Plan Review are also upgraded to the new version.

With this version, new permission checks have been added to better secure service methods used by the Plan Review portal. Four User Group options in the OnBase Configuration module must be enabled in order to use the Plan Review Portal. The OnBase user that is used in the Plan Review portal web.config file must be assigned to a User Group with these permissions checked in order for the plan review portal to function properly. Three of the options are found in the Plan Review User Group Options dialog in the user group settings. Make sure the following permissions are set:

  • Manage Projects

  • Manage Portal Users

  • Manager Project Groups

The other option is found in the Privileges section of the user group:

  • Workflow

See Configuring User Groups for more information.