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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

In the User Options dialog box, you can customize the appearance and system functionality for each user. Since settings are assigned per user, they remain in effect at any workstation.


If you do not have the proper licensing, you may not be able to see these options.

One user option that can be set for Plan Review is the option to configure the behavior of the mouse wheel as you navigate through a project.

To configure the mouse wheel behavior:

  1. In the Unity Client, select File | User Options. The User Options dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the Engineering Viewer option. The engineering options are displayed in the dialog box.
  3. Select one of the following options from the Default Mouse Wheel Behavior section:
    • Use Mouse Wheel to Scroll Up/Down. Mouse wheel use will scroll up and down in a Plan Review project.

    • Use Mouse Wheel to Zoom In/Out. Mouse wheel use will zoom in and out of a project.

  4. In the Viewer Annotation Settings section, if you want to display form field values, select the Show Form Field Values check box.
  5. Click Save.