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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

The following list consists of common terms that are used with the general operations of the Plan Review module:


This is a broad category under which several types of similar plan documents are grouped together. A single Discipline often contains multiple Sheet Types. For example, you can configure a Discipline for Architectural. The Architectural Discipline contains plan sheets that are related to the architectural aspects of the building, such as site plans, floor plans, and elevations.

Review Type

This is a classification of a Plan Review Project. It allows for specific configuration settings on a project, such as:

  • A meaningful prefix to assign to a Project ID when the project is created

  • A specific Unity Form to assign to allow for additional information to be captured for a project

  • A unique set of Disciplines that can be assigned to the plan sheets that are uploaded to a project

It also allows administrators to determine the flow of review. In many cases, an organization will have a number of different departments or review groups tasked with reviewing plan documents. Some groups only review certain types of projects. For example, a Commercial project could be reviewed by 10 groups of reviewers and a Residential project could be reviewed by different groups.

Sheet Type

This is a more specific category under which documents are grouped and stored, which falls under a larger Discipline. For example, under the Discipline of Building Safety, you might configure a Drainage Sheet Type to store drainage documents. All submitted Drainage sheets are grouped under this Sheet Type.


This is a Plan Review comment added to a plan document which was not resolved before the plan document was approved. A stipulation indicates that the plan document is only approved under the circumstances specified by the comment.