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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

You can add signatures to a document for approval.

To add a signature to a document:

  1. Click the Plan Review tab. The Plan Review project layout is displayed.
  2. From the Available Projects pane, select the Plan Review project with documents to stamp.
  3. From the Project View pane, open the Approved Plan Documents folder. Documents in the folder are displayed in the Project Documents pane.
  4. Select the desired document to be signed.
  5. From the Plan Review ribbon, click the Stamp button.

    The document is displayed in the Unity Document Viewer.

  6. Click on the Signatures tab.
  7. From the Signatures ribbon, click the Enter PDF Signing Mode button.

    The Transforms and Modify functions on the Image tab are not available in PDF Signing Mode.

  8. Click the Sign Document button.

    The Signatures dialog box is displayed in the lower left corner of the Unity Document Viewer.

  9. Depending on your configuration, use your mouse or a signature pad to sign your signature in the field.
  10. Click Apply. Your signature is added onto your document.
  11. Left-click the signature and drag it to its desired location on the document.
  12. Click the Save button in the Signatures ribbon.

    A comment dialog box is displayed.

  13. Enter a comment, if desired, in the field.
  14. Click OK. Your signature is saved to your document.