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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

The following image displays the basic layout of the Plan Review Unity interface.

  1. The Plan Review ribbon contains a wide variety of options and features.
  2. The Available Projects pane allows you to view and search for Plan Review projects stored in OnBase.
  3. The Project Information pane displays information on the selected project, some of which is based on the review cycle selected from the <Select Review Cycle> drop-down list.
  4. The Project Documents pane displays a list of documents related to the selected project based on your current folder selection in the Project View pane.
  5. The Project View pane displays a list of folders you can use to filter the list of documents displayed in the Project Documents pane. This section also allows you to access the information for any contacts or locations that are associated with this project.

    Right-click inside the Project View pane to display the right-click menu. The following options are available in the right-click menu:

    • Show Empty Folders / Hide Empty Folders: Select Show Empty Folders to display empty subfolders under the Plan and Documents folder. Select Hide Empty Folders to not display empty subfolders under the Plans and Documents folder. By default, the Hide Empty Folders option is selected.

    • Refresh Project View: Select to refresh the list of folders displayed in the Project View pane.