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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

You can add a reference document to a project to the Review Cycle Documents or Approved Plan Documents folders.

To add reference documents to an existing Plan Review document:

  1. From the Home tab, select Plan Review. The Plan Review layout is displayed.
  2. Select the Plan Review project you want to add a reference document to from the Available Projects pane.
  3. From the Project View pane, select the Review Cycle Documents folder or Approved Plan Documents folder.
  4. From the Plan Review ribbon, click the Add Reference Document button.

    The Add Reference Document pane is displayed.

  5. From the Document Types and Groups section, select a Document Type from the drop-down list.
  6. From the Keywords and Date Range section, enter all required Keyword Values in the available Keyword Type fields.
  7. Click Find. The Add Reference Document search results dialog box is displayed with the documents matching your search criteria.
  8. Select a document from the list of search results.
  9. Click OK. The document is added to the selected project folder. Once you are ready to start the review cycle for this project, see Starting a Review Cycle.